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Mon May 13 08:44:51 CEST 2013

 <<Netsukuku is not dead,
   as what is soul never dies
   but lives in enternal perpetuity.

   The code you may find in this website is currently not maintained
   by the previous maintainer (Alp(t) Andrea Lo Pumo).
   However, to continue the path called forth by the Netsukuku project,
   follow the links below:
        1. CCNx prototype of NDN protocol:
          comment: the project is a bit hyped-style ("we are the world"),
          but there is a good international effort on it, could be good as
          a way to have Ntk engaged in a larger context.
        2. Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network:

           comment: they run BGP, which is not scalable, really. But for
          a city or ~500k routers of the Internet is fine (or at least
          it keeps running :).
          [note: link taken from paper "The address space balancing problem", ]
        3. PANET. OK; PANET.N3.3.33.333.3333.33333 coming soon

Fri Sep 18 18:42:25 CEST 2009

We've done a lot of debugging and we'are almost done with the first
minimal release of PyNtk, the python implementation of Netsukuku. It
is minimal because it has just the basic features to create a simple
Netsukuku network, with hostname management.
We'are also strengthening the theory and writing proofs about it.

Expect updates soon!
In the meantime, check out the mailing list and the SVN repository:

Mon Oct  8 13:19:56 CEST 2007

The python implementation of Netsukuku has been finished last week, during the
Italian Hackmeeting at Pisa.

The last step before the first release is to debug the code, removing all the
various unexpected errors.

If you want to help us, checkout the SVN version.

May Pdb and Print be with you.

Mon Sep 10 12:08:31 UTC 2007

From Friday 28th till sunday 30 September the Netsukuku team will participate
to the Italian Hackmeeting 2007 (1).

There will be open discussions on Netsukuku, with topics varying from
its general aspects to the tiny details of the theory and code.

The discussions will be held in an informal way, face to face, so don't expect
boring seminars were you sweet dream, sleeping in the chair.
You are all invited to come, bring your head and ideas.

See you at Pisa!


Thu Aug  9 23:20:53 UTC 2007

We've begun the ntkd implementation of the second version of the
Netsukuku theory, which has been improved and simplified since
the last news [1].

This time we're working with Python, because:

        1) we're prioritising the release of a stable, functional

        2) since it's easier to maintain a completely modular architecture
           of the Ntk daemon, the coordination between the developers is

        3) the Ntk daemon is an application that requires very low
           computational and memory resources: it is network bound.
           As example, consider the original Bittorrent implementation,
           written in Python.

        4) we're going to use our own stripped version of Python, in
           this way it will be possible to use Netsukuku in embedded devices.
           See for example:

        5) the C language will be used to implement low level code.

We hope that as soon as possible a first stable release of Netsukuku will
will be available.

You can check the development progress here:
You can give a look at the Python code here:

[1] qspn document:

    topology document:

    NTK RFC 0014 - P2P over Netsukuku:

Tue Jan  2 16:16:05 UTC 2007

The implementation of the QSPN v2 has started [1].

The core code is being completely rewritten. The code in general is becoming
completely modular [2] with a clean and reusable API.
The code documentation is also growing: every part of the sources is being
heavily commented.

Since we're busy with the new code, we can't actively follow the bugs of the
current releases, however you're invited to report them [3].

The Netsukuku daemon will come back operative with the 1.0.0b release, which
will include all the new changes.
We hope that when the new code will be ready, more developers will join the
project, since it will be possible to work, in parallel, to many part of

PS: Right now, is down, so the wiki and the ntk mailing list are down

[1] QSPN v2 document:
[2] See module.c, event.c, modules/foo/foo.c,
[3] Bug tracker: