Who is using Netsukuku

Netsukuku exists since about 10 years now and the communities using it are very diverse.

People from all around the world have been using and re-adapting the NTK protocols, mostly for ad-hoc situations rather than "one big alternative network".

The main point of contact for the community is the

Netsukuku Mailinglist

The languages spoken around are mostly English, Italian and Russian (русский). Interaction is welcome in any language, but preferably in English because is the language that most people understand.

To participate to the mailinglist one must subscribe with an email, then all interaction happens with emails.

Those insisting in using the web as a place to exchange messages will find an "sub-reddit" with an history of discussions in English when browsing

Netsukuku on Reddit

OK, now about the social networks...

Members of the early Freaknet dojo behind Netsukuku are not really fond of social networks: because they are centralized systems spying on people, something that is directly opposite to the mission of this project. Nevertheless some people have created groups and participated to discussions even in such terrible places.

Please use the mailinglist to get in touch with the developers: they don't use mainstream SNs.

Netsukuku is not the only P2P protocol out there with an alive community behind.

Here is a similar project going into the direction of Netsukuku

CCNx prototype of NDN protocol

The GNU project is also going this way and it is very interesting

The GNUNet framework

There there is also the most famous Tor, which has the drawback of being a unique network that received a lot of publicity, making it a target for a lot of cops and infiltrators.

Tor Project

At last there is the most ancient and widely used

I2P anonymous network

And then there is a codebase that was presented at DEFCON, an hacker conference in USA


interesting especially because it didn't receive much publicity, who know what is being used for? excitement!

If you think we should mention another project here, please contact the webmaster.

These below are collectives of people active to place antenna on roofs and connecting the texture of a city with 2.4GHZ waves, y0!


Linz, Vienna, Graz und so, den Xav ist ein poet funambol.


Freifunk steht für freie Kommunikation in digitalen Datennetzen.


Better Approach To Mobile Adhoc Networking (B.A.T.M.A.N.).


La comunita' delle reti wireless Italiane. Fatta bene, da gente meravigliosa.

Thanks to all of you for existing!! <3