Learn the samurai path to new on-line dimensions

As of today the documentation of Netsukuku is rather vast, plus it has forked in different directions since there is more than one implementation.

A good starting point, actively maintained, is the

Netsukuku wiki

Where one can find a rather complete collection of links to english and more translated documentation.

The C codebase of netsukuku also contains plenty of materials

Netsukuku source docs

This collection also includes a list of request for comments documents (RFC) describing the core algorithms in human language, something very useful for the hackers and developers out there engaging the creation of new NTK implementations or evolutions.

Netsukuku RFC docs

The wiki also has a list of RFC, but the one linked above is the most recent and up to date.

For the Italians out there: qui c'e' una panoramica delle funzionalita' e di come sono implementate

Netsukuku spiegato in Italiano